About Owner, Kelsey Forcier

Kelsey grew up in the South Coast and that’s where she planted her roots. She graduated from FIT Graduate (Fashion Institute of Technology) and jumped right into a start up called “LabelDoll”. She then worked as a Marketing Manager of a Berkshire Hathaway company then decided a remote office is where it’s at!

On a personal note, she has 2 little ones, Nixon & Otis, who are her greatest designs yet and loves an oaky chardonnay.

About K-May Communications

The reason Kelsey created this company is because I have dealt with large Marketing companies in the past that do the work then hand over the project at the end of it expecting you, the customer, to know how to make changes to your new website/Eblasts/etc. It looks gorgeous, but what happens when “Jane Doe” leaves your company tomorrow and you need to take her content off of your website? You have to go back to the company that designed your website. And that costs $$$$. KMC can not only design whatever you need for your business, help you with branding and Marketing, but can also create easy to use tutorial references that anyone at your company can use to edit any dynamic content on your website at any time.

Picking up what we’re throwing down? Send us a note so we can talk about how K-May Communications can help you get the ball rolling on your next project!